4th gen 4runner 4wd lights flashing

After spending a couple of hours on it the dealer figured it was a faulty actuator in the front differential. Somebody help before she makes me crazy! She said the 4WD indicator light started flashing. bad news: 4wd light and center diff lock light flash constantly, even in 2wd. Save Share. I think you have an actuator issue since it started when you tried to engage 4wd. i have followed all instructions and still nothing. First you need to know how the system works. 20104 4runner [OP] New Member. ... Will NOT Fit 4WD. The 4WD, 4WLO, ABS, and Vehicle Slip Indicator dashboard lights have been blinking for the last 4-days in my 2011 SR5. Reply. Caltech90, Feb 4, 2020 #4. 2010 4Runner 4wheel lights flashing. ... 4wd Indicator Light Blinking Discussion in ' General 4Runner Talk ' started by hpierce11 , Oct 23, 2016 . While moving shift into 4Hi until it clicks in and light illuminates that 4wd is active, then after that is completed you'll come to a stop, put trans in Neutral and shift to 4Low until it clicks in and 4low is illuminated. This problem is now doing it after car sits.I go to start it and the light start flashing.I have to turn the ignition off and restart it a few time then light stays off. I had mine confirmed by the tire shop. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 9 of 9 Posts. It is not in 4WD and will not go into 4WD. i can hear the module click but light kips flashing at me . Started the engine and the lights were still on. 4th Gen 4Runner Parts Marketplace (2003-2009) 3rd Gen 4Runner Parts Marketplace (1996-2002) ... blinking light is a problem with the system (dead sensor) solid light is generally air pressure. I tried to drive it forward and in reverse. and 4lo is sill mia. Woala! So i turned off the engine and took the key out again and pulled and replaced the 4WD fuse (20 amp, yellow) and started the engine. Replaces Dorman # 950-004 No more 4LO and icon blinking. ... 2007 4runner SR5 4WD. Then i turned off engine, took the key out and pulled and put back my ECU fuse (to see if i can reset everything). Damnit! Rides, drives with no issues. Been keeping it in 2WD until I can get it into Toyota. Nothing, just flashes. The wife has a 2002 4runner. So they replaced it and I tried the 4WD system before leaving and it worked. Feb 4, 2020 at 10:47 AM #5 #5. Later that day, I went to start the truck up and both lights were flashing again. 4Runner 4th Generation (2003-2009) 4WD shifting issue. Here is the problem! Woot! When the 4HI and 4LO lights were flashing the 4WD system will not work. Quick Links: Bolt on exhaust tips 2018 SR5 4runner 4th generation any rust issues Cabin Air Filters Dash Cams Rodents and Furry Things Dogs with leather seats? I thought that was only a 4th Gen thing. The electronically controlled transfercase! Alos, shifts into 4WD fine. J. S ... its not going in and light stays flashing. OK, over the past week I have had four phone calls from people that have done a SAS on their '05+ Tacoma's and or their 4th gen 4Runners and when they try to go into 4wd drive the dash board just blinks at them when they turn the switch.

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