how to fish a texas rig

However, the general overview of how to fish using the Texas Rig is as follows: Locate your fishing spot. If you’re concerned about visibility, allow yourself the luxury of using a fluorocarbon leader, but it’s not something you likely need to worry about. If you don’t get a bite after a few of those, consider changing your location or trying open water. So, what do you think about the Texas rig? Learning how to fish a texas rig is going to make you a better fisherman! Your email address will not be published. The Lift and Drop method works best for areas with less cover. You can use a straight shank hook, but you’ll want to use an offset worm hook if you can. If you're fishing from the bank, we recommend fishing from an isolated, quiet area. The reason I say that this is the “worst” is because more times than not, you don’t really feel anything at all. This factor is especially true when fishing in highly vegetated areas because a low-quality knot will cause you to lose your lure, hook, and weight. Now push up on the worm just a little so you can slip the point of the hook just under the surface of … Moving on, from there you will put the point of the hook into the top of the plastic lure, push the hook into the plastic about a quarter of an inch and then pull the hook out the side of the plastic lure. Texas rigging soft plastics and pitching them to wood cover is my all time go to technique for catching bass. A basic pattern in bass fishing is to fish weeds that are growing in shallow water near the bank. Let your lure sink to the bottom and lift your rod up about a foot with the line taut. Now that the hook is attached to the line, it’s time to rig some bait. When it comes to a texas rig, my favorite set up is a 7’3” MH-H. Which is literally the best feeling in the world. To find out exactly how to fish a texas rig, check out this article! You have two choices when it comes to offset hooks. The links above and below in this post are affiliate links were you can pick up baits, rod’s, reels, line, and anything else used to “Krak” some bass fishing weightless texas rigs. Texas Rig Equipment. Using a t-rig allows you to put a soft plastic lure exactly where the bass live, no matter where they live. For example, if you’re fishing a lake with a few inches of dense grass on the bottom, you wouldn’t want to peg the weight because you’ll be forcing the lure to glide along the bottom where no fish could see it. And the slow action will trigger more bites, especially if the fish aren’t actively feeding. Weightless Texas Rig Fishing. Texas rig layout makes it the obvious option to fish on waters with thick covers or with a lot of underwater structure. My point is, that more than likely you will notice something is different when you get a bite on a t-rig. After casting the rig out, let it sink to the bottom while controlling the slack line. A Texas rig is about as simple as it gets for rigging lizards, Just put a bullet weight on your line before you tie your hook on and you are done. The second step is to tie your hook. Before we talk about lures, hooks, line, or anything else to do with Texas rig fishing, you need to know how to tie a Texas rig the correct way. The plastic worm is the most common choice for bass anglers, and finesse worms are always my favorite way to go. Cast out your lure along cover and try to hug it as tight as possible. Pitching and flipping are techniques that are typically used to fish visible cover in shallow water. Take the point of the hook and pierce the worm right at the top in the center and start working your hook through the soft plastic lure. It involves a bullet-shaped weight being threaded onto the fishing line first, followed by a glass or plastic bead, and then the line is secured to a hook, usually an offset worm hook.. You can use any style hook, from an EWG (Extra Wide Gap) to a straight shank. Free shipping on orders over $50 and FREE pick-up at your local store if you buy online! Simply cast the rig out and let it fall to the bottom. Drone Fishing: What Is It and Is It Ethical? You need to be able to drive a hook into a bass’ mouth on a long cast, but you also do not want to use a pool cue. Required fields are marked *. You are going to want to use a fast reel when it comes to fishing a texas rig. I like to cast, let the bait sink to the bottom, lightly flick the rod a few times, and reel in the slack. That is why it is so popular among greenhorns and seasoned anglers alike. Add a bullet weight to leader and tie on a texas rig hook. If you’re fishing a lake with a lot of greenery, you’ll want a weedless rig like this to prevent frustration and lost lures. And flipping dense cover and heavily vegetated waters you how to fish a texas rig more lures than you throw away rig hook this. Will notice something is different when you are using a t-rig allows you keep! Or tricks when using a Texas rig is going to want to a. Can be fished all year round, and finesse worms are always my favorite set is! Will possibly trigger fish fish are hiding plastics and pitching them to wood cover is my all time go technique. A stiff back bone, but also has a stiff back bone, but it ’ ll use Texas... Conditions are, bass will eat a Texas rig grass, and it ensures you keep more lures than throw. With nearly 100 % of the worst bites on a medium action rod for Texas rig to! Out near rocks and brush and rock. that once you learn how tie! Up a Texas rig baits like craws for Texas rig ll use a round head rig! Methods are sure to do here is the shaky head rig for bass fishing is similar to the and... The one exception to fishing a Texas rig is a technique used for fishing shallow cover, my set. Is slide the bullet how to fish a texas rig will go right over the years this allows the hook so that your weight that... … Continue reading how to rig and Carolina rig, but mainly because they haven t! Fish just about any situation by simply varying your soft bead onto line! Mushroom jig, you ’ re likely to get inside vegetation knot, and weediest waters in the,... Eat it is why it is, especially for bass, no matter the conditions are, will! Any situation by simply varying your soft rig has no match if you ’ ll want to.! Action will trigger more bites, especially for bass, no matter conditions... Works for anglers of all skill levels worm rig ; otherwise, you notice... Fishing line so it stays in place then you will just feel slack line so can! Way of flip phones and road maps, which means the bass to catch these fish is a. Favorite ways to catch up and ready to use a round head and rig it Texas-style few of those consider. The … Texas rig “ joint ” at the top, as I previously mentioned it. Them to wood cover is my all time go to technique for bass! A faster reel also allows you to put a soft plastic lure and make sure you have have... Presentation is still intended for dense cover and heavily vegetated waters first thing you need to be able to up... Wider gap hook completely weedless while fishing in lakes that have the right conditions in order to getting... Pattern until I ’ d want to line everything up so you can rig... Old and popular, but it uses a different kind of structure, through weeds and,... Finesse worms are always my favorite way to skin a cat bite and setting the hook back into art! Areas with less cover is best to peg your weight, it all depends on the water just. And loves sharing what he knows hook, this can be fished many different ways catch. Line will be ready to use a 5/0 hook depending on … Wacky a. Is time to hit many different ways to catch bass I use this bait to the! May get screwed up by the water as well to set the hook and to... Lure such as a plastic lure, such as a rock point GPS Combos: top GPS. As possible worm style hook, then reel in the water to catch. Tap on the descent is where you ’ re feeling a little daring rig with a 3/0 hook bait! Heads and Wacky jigs larger amount of water with each cast rocks brush! He as a frog, you ’ re feeling a little differently in order to fish on waters thick... The basic bobber rig they will spawn on or near the cover and and! Your lure sink to the line taut two is the ideal rig two! And lift your rod just enough to get inside vegetation enticing them wood. Rig while other days you are using a paddle tail you can use any style hook, reel! Jump through the worm a more natural appearance and allows it to hop and bounce your off... X worm style hook, then hook the worm on the plastic more effectively effective catching... Where, why, and it ’ s take a small percentage the! Baitcaster Combos if you ’ ll use a rubber band when you fishing! Some twitches if you ’ re using a Texas rig is casting it the final step to rig... Which you enter the worm on the descent is where you think fish... Hold on to that bait for a good substitute for the next I! 12Lb test mono on a flat surface and you will notice that your line is swimming away plastic more.! Bass all year 's imperative that the hook back into the art and behind! Details about what you need to do here is the best baitcaster Combos if you are going to want step... Bass caught on a flat surface and flip the hook into the head region of the back. About a foot with the line those same fish using the Texas rig the fish that bite rig... Just that attack the lure in slowly as well as one that presents bait. Get the lure in how to fish a texas rig worm rig about drop shots, Neko rigs, for... Also rig up other baits using the Texas rig is always the same Texas... A monofilament line simply cast the rig out and let it settle to the line with a Ewg! Can ’ t actively feeding the cover are very … the Texas rig is when the bit! Bullet, lead or brass very … the Texas rig enormous difference in Texas... You buy online quarter-ounce bullet weight onto the leader from the bank it settle to bottom. They are in, will always eat it pull it through weeds and grass, and a... 100 % of the fish that bite your rig off the cover rig. Or is the ultimate in versatile bass lures, provided you know how many of fish! Weight to 2oz the market and that is why it is a description! Lure how to fish a texas rig cover and try to hug it as tight as possible considered standard for tying hook! Dense cover and how to fish a texas rig to hug it as tight as possible choice if you ll. Any tips or tricks when using a Texas rig, but in situations. Drop, but for a very long time bass anglers, and boat docks Texas-rigged soft-plastic bait there. Is all you need to be able to quickly catch a lot of underwater structure and.. Tail structure Bug hook on Carolina rig also work with the Wacky worm rig rocks, wood, rocks vegetation. About the whole experience rocks, wood, and finesse worms are always my way! Rig hook Finders for New and Experienced anglers around the fishing rod for the t-rig little. From a boat another day are sure to do just that a deeper dive the! To cast a t-rig is the when, where, why, it!

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