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of sugar water, approx. You can choose from Italian bee packages, Carniolan bee packages, and Russian Hybrid bee packages or 5 frame Italian or Carniolan bee nucs. The queen bee will be contained in a small cage to keep her separate from the bees in the package while they travel. This is why we insure your bees. Did you know you could hive bees in snow? There is a can of syrup to provide food for the bees during transport. SHOP BEES NOW . Top. { If you need a copy of our Bee Order Policies, that can be found here. Prices for 2019 GA 3lb. }, Please contact us for details; View Cart . These strong and healthy honey bees come from our amazing bee supplier with a reputation of gentle … Even when we ship cross-country. Not sure when the average last frost date is where you live? "@type": "Offer", of bees which include nurse bees, forager bees, guard bees, and drone bees. The package will contain roughly 3 pounds of honey bees. There are no frames or foundation, so they are ready to be transferred into your hive and will adopt whatever frame system you introduce them to. "@type": "Product", Some limits apply so click here to get your earlybird discount code. We Also Ship Bees We will ship bees through USPS for $50 to Michigan, Ohio, Indiana. "priceValidUntil": "2020-05-31", Our Locations. Is a 3# package what I need to start a new hive? Now taking orders for our 2021 three pound Italian Honeybee packages with mated queen. Quick View. Bee hives need to be started at about the same time as the honeybees' food sources begin to bloom in your area. Early Bird Package Bees for Spring 2021 selling at 2020 prices! Meyer Bees provides all aspects of beekeeping services and products including package bees, queens, nucs, supplies, hive setups / management and honey production / processing.. We carry a full line of beekeeping supplies at our Minooka, Illinois location (roughly 35 miles southwest of Chicago).. 2021 Package Bees – Italian, Carniolan, Russian and Saskatraz Occasionally something goes wrong. The Russian Hybrid honey bee package includes a wood screen box, 16 oz. "", Our 5 Frame Italian Bee Nuc Colony is raised in South Carolina and comes with a Marked Queen in a Pro Nuc box. ], NOW taking orders . The date you select will be the date we ship from our store to you. for 2020 package bees If you are interested in ordering our 2020 3 lbs. We will be taking orders for packages bees and nucs for the 2020 beekeeping season beginning in January 2020. "@type": "AggregateRating", Add to cart. Our bees comply with the latest DEFRA guidelines. This message is being posted 5/23/2020 to let you know As packages become available in the spring, they will be shipped out in order of date received. The package will also contain a food source, and a queen bee. When is the right time to start a brand-new beehive. Marked queens only with 3lb Package order for the 2021 Season! $197.00) (No reviews yet) Write a Review. of bees which include nurse bees, forager bees, guard bees, and drone bees. }, // ]]>. Pre-order your 3lb Package of Italian Honey Bees for the 2020 season! Package Bees, … The queen bee will be in a queen cage. This makes it easier for all involved Pre-order your 3lb Package of Italian Honey Bees for the 2021 season! The Saskatraz project was initiated in 2004 with the intent of establishing a genetically diverse gene pool to breed for honey production, mite tolerance and resistance to brood diseases. The Source for Premium-Quality Package Bees We raise premium-quality package bees and distribute them to partners across North America in trucks specially equipped to keep them cool and happy. The packages will be #3lb. 3# PACKAGE BEES. We breed our bees to be robust and healthy, as well as excellent pollinators and … Tennessee's Honey Bees 3 lb Package of Honey Bees - 2021 [TNHB-3lb-Pack-2021] - For sale NOW - for the 2021 Spring Season All Packages will be ordered with Marked Queens only. The cookie settings on this website are set to 'allow all cookies' to give you the very best experience. Order your package bees online or by calling our corporate office toll free at 888.922.1293. They are transported directly by truck, arriving at Betterbee soon after packaging. Delivery is expected the last week Apr. Our bee packages are grown here in Georgia. SHIPPING CA, Orange County. "@context": "", We make it simple to find quality live bees that can be delivered straight to your home or that you can pick up at a location close to you. Result Pages: 1 Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 products) 3# Package with Italian Queen. 3 lbs +/- of bees which include nurse bees, forager bees, guard bees, and drone bees. They average about a 95% success rate in getting the honey bees to you safely. They also ship “Hold for pickup” - and the post office will have your phone number. We provide quality live bees that can help you jumpstart your hive or colony. Observation windows in top bar hives - the beauty and the risks! "@type": "Organization", Our package includes: A wooden Nuc 6 DN4/DN5 frames with premium wax A young 2021 laying Queen A bundle of busy bees! Our packages contain approximately three pounds of gentle, Italian honey bees and a naturally mated Italian queen! For more than a decade Queen Right Colonies has had a long-lasting relationship with Olivarez Honey Bees, producers of premium package bees and queens. 2021 Nuc prices will start at $165-$185 We sell each nuc with a foul brood test kit to verify its clean on delivery guaranteed. "reviewCount": "1" Top Bar Beekeeping Classes - WEEKEND INTENSIVES. Carniolan Packages for April 2020- **Update as of 4/15/20 we are sold out of packages. "name": "3# Package Bees for sale", packages: Qty 1-9= $126* Qty 10-99= $121* Qty 100+= $116* *6% IA Sales Tax will be added to all IA sales No cage deposits or credits Pick … This message is being posted 5/23/2020 to let you know that the season has ended and there will be no further shipments in 2020. The packages come from Wilbanks Apiaries in Claxton, Georgia. Saskatraz package bees for sale with mated and laying Saskatraz queen, 3 pound package. Beekeeper checking hive. "seller": { £40; High quality mated local queen bees ready from May. "", Did you know you could hive bees in snow? If selecting a package, be sure to select “none” on frame options. For pickup at our Minooka, IL apiary. If you'd like to know when we fire up Bee Sales in 2021, please scroll down the page to the black bar -. Honey Bee Packages for Sale LOCAL PICKUP ONLY – Ready early April 5, 2020 Sold out for 2020! 12/1/2020: We are taking pre-orders for three pound bee packages. Top Bar Beekeeping Classes - WEEKEND INTENSIVES, How to install a package of bees in a beehive, Gold Star Top Bar Hive construction plans, How and Why To Keep Bees in Top Bar Hives. that the season has ended and there will be no further shipments in 2020. If you'd like to know when we fire up... How to install a package of bees in a beehive. //

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