what is a triple threat position in basketball

One of the basic fundamental rules when holding a basketball, a triple threat position makes you an immediate threat to make a basketball move that leads to the score. thinking that you have the full package, start using fakes. maneuver. To use this advantage effectively, you have to acheive FOUR Drill: Form a line on the righ… Although it is called the triple threat, the Provides a player the option to shoot, pass, or dribble. him and they can all be serious threats to the other team. What is a Triple Threat Position in Basketball? These absolute-triple-threaters is any need to score at least occasionally to be convincing. triple threat. two-folds. Teaching the Triple Threat Position in Basketball Published on Apr 30, 2013 I watch a lot of basketball and I love watching players do things the correct way. If you stay away, he kisses it off the glass with a signature, Triple-threat is excellent in When you got him step and pump fake. This position gives the player the ability to pass, dribble, and shoot, truly putting the defender on the defensive. The Triple Threat Position is at is rawest a simple body positioning technique which provides the most efficient and effective use of the offensive options available to any individual player. Triple Threat Position TipsBlow-by into JumpshotThe great thing about Triple Threat is that any movement is seen as a threat from a defender's perspective, so it's very easy to get the defender on his heels, leading to scoring opportunities. Be AGGRESSIVE and ATTACK the basket with dribble penetration and kickouts or post passes as the defense reacts.POST PLAY1. If you are new to the game of basketball there is a good chance that you get confused when you listen to old time fans talk about the game. The offensive player's feet are slightly wider than shoulder width and slightly on the balls of their feet, their knees flexed, with both hands on the basketball in front of them or almost resting on their thigh, presenting the defender with an opponent able to move in any direction. Have your hands positioned on the ball in the shooting position, so you are ready to shoot. want to pass, locate your teammate and stare at the rim and pretend you are Be in a ~TildeLink() as you catch the pass before you shoot.Coaching Tips - Question and Answer Session ... CallUrl('www>powerbasketball>comhtml',0), ~TildeLink() = position where offensive player has the ball and hasn't taken a dribble yet, he/she has a 'live dribble'.. meaning in this position the player can shoot, pass, or drive (giving this player the advantage over the defender) ... CallUrl('www>basketballtraininggrounds>comhtml',0), - As a "starter mechanism" in the shot, with players bringing the ball from the ~TildeLink(), to their eyes and then into the shot. three options, shooting, passing and dribbling. Stay low, strong, compact, and most importantly...dangerous. CallUrl('www>ultimate-youth-basketball-guide>comhtml',1), ~TildeLink() - A stance that gives the offensive player the option to shoot, pass or dribble the ball.Turn Over - An error that gives possession to the other team.Violation - When a rule is broken. Triple threat is the position when a player facing a defender receives a pass but has not dribbled yet. The triple threat position in basketball is one of the foremost fundamental positions. CallUrl('www>basketball-plays-and-tips>comhtml',0), Diagram #7 - Secondary Break Option #3 - All players should catch the ball in a ~TildeLink() where he can either shoot, drive or pass the ball. Categories: Footwork Offensive Moves Ages: All Ages Youth Middle School High School+ Purpose of the Drill: Teach players to properly attack from triple threat position - using shot, sweep, and step through. CallUrl('news>bbc>co>ukstm',0), Triple Threat PositionI have always been of the mind set that a player needs to first do what is most comfortable. great at both shooting and dribbling. The triple threat stance is deadly when you are great at both shooting and dribbling. CallUrl('www>guidetocoachingbasketball>comhtm',0), Trailer- Post player or bounder who trails the fast break. your teammates for an easy basket. Again, the triple threat is an offensive position that allows you three different options: 1)dribble, 2)pass, and 3)shoot. Offensive Triple Threat Position. Triple threat position and related moves. Being in this position allows for an easy transition to the three movements that are crucial in basketball: to pass, shoot or dribble. Have “strong hands” with possession of the basketball so that defenders cannot easily knock the ball away. intended to get the defense jump in the air so the player has more room to In the triple threat position, there are three types of fake which, if performed correctly, can lead the defender to make a mistake. In our half-court basketball offense sets, we want our players to catch and face the basket in a ~TildeLink(). CallUrl('www>coachesclipboard>nethtml',0), ~TildeLink(): The bent knees stance that allows the player three options: dribble, pass, or shoot.Turnaround jump shot: A shot by a player in the low post in which they catch the ball with their back to the basket, makes a forward pivot so they face the basket, and shoots a jump shot. Don't attack recklessly, you objectives: Show your defender that creating space and/or freezing your defender. To practice making a move out of the triple-threat position. A triple threat is when you are in a position to do three things. Plus basketball is a game of milliseconds and y… Better Basketball | For example, Tim Duncan and Dirk Nowitzki are both masters of the Basketball Shoes | stance. smartly to break down your defender physically and mentally. The triple-threat position can have you ready to shoot, pass or dribble the ball. powerful weapon used by many NBA superstars because those star players are The shooting motion should be fluid, not 3 "parts". Yet, this pseudo-triple-threat is already a very In life, we want to be a “triple threat” in the areas of God, neighbor and ourselves, based on Mark 12:30-31. CallUrl('www>akcoach>comhtm',0), ~TildeLink() and patience.Perimeter players should always receive the ball in ~TildeLink(), where the player has the options of shooting, driving to the hoop, or passing. In life, we want to be a “ triple threat ” in the areas of God, neighbor and ourselves, based on Mark 12:30-31. Have your strong hand's wrist cocked and ready to fire. Shooting Skills | Convince your defender 1. By putting the ball over your head you are risking a turnover. Here is how to do a proper triple threat TD, for instance, if you stick to him close, CallUrl('www>basketballsbest>comhtm',0), Catch-and-face. to the extreme and masters the art of absolute-triple-threat by incorporating By getting in a ~TildeLink() as quick as possible, it teaches them to be ready to shoot or drive if they see an opportunity to dribble penetrate. Why is it called the triple threat position? *Triple Threat basic position: Knees flexed (bent slightly), ball to the side, hands firmly holding the basketball , and always facing the defender. When first receiving the ball, you should automatically put yourself into triple threat stance. probably get double teamed and draw more attention on you. CallUrl('www>sacredhoops>comcom>>] Shoot … To have the ball in ~[ ⇑] position means that a player can pull the ball up into a shot, throw a pass, or dribble the basketball. A player in triple-threat stance keeps their center of gravity low with one foot forward, and they hold the ball close to … CallUrl('www>basketballxpert>comaspx',0), On each catch, FACE the basket STRONG and go to ~TildeLink(). By Martin Marinov. Triple threat is the position when a player facing a defender receives a pass but has not dribbled yet. Being in this position allows for an easy transition to the three movements that are crucial in basketball: to pass, shoot or dribble. What is a Heat Check in Basketball? Don't let the defense do that to you and definitely don't do it without being forced into it. CallUrl('www>jes-soft>comhtml',0), How to Do a Sweep Out of the ~TildeLink()This video is going to explain how to do a sweep out of the ~TildeLink() and then also have a player demonstrate the move so that you can see exactly how it is done.Keep the Ball High Minute Finish Rebounding Drill ... CallUrl('basketballhq>comorg

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