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Just followed up with Chase on a UAL Mil Plus Business app. Do you think I could get denied for this 2nd personal card if I tried while having a business in limbo status, or would it possibly hurt my chances of getting approved for Business? Thanks for posting the phone numbers. If your Chase application status is denied or pending, you can call: New Chase Reconsideration Phone Number: Chase changed the phone number for personal cards. I read the scrip and had all my numbers prepared for the call. Thank you! But applied for chase sapphire preferred in-branch through the pre qualified. After a few brief holds as he “noted” in the system…he came back on to tell me that my application has been sent in for reconsideration and i should receive a letter in the mail within 7-10 days with a decision. He also asked me to explain my financial situation that led to those accounts (i slipped in student loans for 5 months!) Tough to predict but I would say hope for the best but expect the worst. Thanks. [Targeted] 20-50% Off Amazon with 1 Amex Point (up to $60) Thanksgiving! Verifications insisted on sending me a text to my phone for ID purposes which I had to retrieve and give them the code. I would suggested asking for a supervisor until you get someone you can understand. This would allow me to call on my own whenever I need to take care of anything and never had a problem with this. Today, 4 days later, I received my card and I am so proud. Congrats! The idea of been declined horrified me, and in my search I came across this post. I called, and the bot said to either enter a correspondence number, which I didn't see anywhere on the page, or enter a credit card number, which I obviously don't have. Thank you! I will be spreading the news about this informative site. I told them I was planning on cancelling one of my cards. The Chase reconsideration phone number line for Business cards is 1-800-453-9719. So here’s the deal: I have tried 4 times in the last 2 hours to call the Recon line to expedite my app. I called the recon line and used ur script. Chase Credit Support Personal Cards. The phone number is 1-888-270-2127 and the hours of operation are usually: 7am to 10pm EST Monday through Friday 8am to 1pm EST Saturday Im bak home and itd been two dayss. I applied this morning and got the pending status too. I only have the Chase Amazon Prime with a credit limit of $20000. Want to see how I earn enough points and miles to travel for free? I have a valid business with an EIN. Received 7-10 messages for both. Calling The Chase Reconsideration Line. I asked if there’s any way to expedite the process since I have wedding purchases coming up by the weekend. So i opened a chase freedom card back in february…last week in the mail, i received an ad for freedom unlimited – decided to apply due to better rewards program. Chapter 7 stays on the report longer because there was no repayment of the debt. To be blunt, the CFS sucks. Was looking to balance transfer those cards to help with lowering the utilization rate. I just called and it worked like a charm. I was told by the rep that I only have personal loan credit but no credit card credit. I just called the Verification Dept this morning. Told the representative that we were wanting to take advantage of the balance transfer. Based on my experience, Chase typically requires you to hold that type of card for 1 year before they allow you to convert to another type of Chase card. Similarly for Business cards, I prefer going in branch to check for pre-approvals. though I did not receive any letters or emails regarding this at all. 1 week later, she received a call from Chase who asked her a few simple questions and approved her over the phone. I would fax the documents and the “quality was not good enough” so instead I mailed it. Transferred me to another agent that asked several security questions and instantly approved for 4500.00. I would have waited helplessly for a month for a letter in the mail probably ending in denial. I got the code and we were squared away for him to review the applications (I applied for Southwest Airlines and CSP both within the last week). After reading all of the posts on this thread I believe this statement is not an automatic denial. She told me that I was approved yesterday for the card and I would receive it in 1 to 2 weeks. She did give me hope by letting me know that I still had a chance because I wasn’t instantly denied. She asked me quite a few questions about my financial situation as I expected. I was transferred after a few initial questions to the verification dept. We will let you know of our decision by US mail. I got the “decision pending” page as expected and called into the reconsideration hotline. I activated my card and made a $300 purchase then stopped at a bank to get a lil cash since i had set up a pin on activation. I called several times to check on the status of my application, and I would get the same message that the decision was pending. The Chase reconsideration line is a special phone line you call that offers you a chance to persuade a Chase representative to overturn a rejection or denied credit card application. So…what was the result after your 7-10 business day wait? Took about 10 minutes tops. When I applied I put my new last name (got married in July 2016) my married name shows no credit history. i askef her to talk to my co authorized user but since im primary she wud not. I think that I have had just about enough of these pompous punks working for faceless robots. Thank you for the great info Reward Boss! The following is an excerpt taken from FlyerTalk: “Starting in May 2015, Chase began denying applications for its own UltimateRewards-earning personal cards (e.g., Sapphire Preferred, Freedom) if the applicant's credit report shows that she or he opened 5 or more credit cards in the prior 24 months (“the 5/24 rule”). What I understand is that it depends what hour and day of week you apply for. You should call into the reconsideration lineup of Chase to analyze the application standing for both company charge cards and private. at the end of the long conversation, he told me that my application was sent for reconsideration and i should hear a decision within 7-10 days. Others will be able to give you tips based on their experiences. I tried calling the recon number 1-888-270-2127 three times but the call failed all three times. Posted in Credit Card Deals, Travel Hacks Tagged application status, Chase, Reconsideration. Your email address will not be published. He told me i was denied tho the automated line kept spewing “pending review.” I asked for a reconsideration and he went asked me a litany of questions based off on the experian credit report. Upon completing on-line application process, I immediately received an email stating that I had been approved, and would receive the credit card and documents in 3-5 business days. Great work on your site and Thanks!!! I applied about 3 months ago to the Chase Slate card, and received the message that my application needed further review. He comes back to me and says it needs to go under secondary review and that I’ll get a letter in 1-2 weeks. Do you have an existing chase biz card that you can shift credit over to the new card app? And it would not have mattered – as when I called the toll-free telephone number on a Sunday to activate, EVEN AFTER SENDING ME THE DANG CARD, I was somehow still “lost in BS space”, and was told that I would have to call one of their “fraud” departments in order to activate my card. But thanks for this info, it gave me the needed numbers and what to expect! All on time payments, 30 percent util at the moment due to an unexpected expense. I am rebuilding my credit after couple 2012 charge offs. If you have never had a bankruptcy there may be an error that you can dispute. Next thing she says you are now approved for $3500. My application was under scrutiny because of a fraud alert I put on my credit report 2 months ago. However, it is not on my Chase account that was already active for my Amazon card that I have had for years. she helps me with my bill etc as i am retired and older and we travel and i need my grandson to be taken care of in case im not nearby so she aldo got a card. Asked about the Freedom but she said “because both were denied for too many accounts, they can only approve one.” 3 days after recon call, received email approval for CSP and credit card is in Chase online. They asked a couple questions, put me on hold and then came back and said i was approved. I received denial letter clearly mentioned the reason is: too many credit cards within last 2 years. Easier to get off on a good start compared to making mistakes.....can take several years to recover from some of those. ", For context I'm 20, have a credit age of a year and 10 months starting when I first got my student loans, the loans are $12,000, all federal, and in good standing, and my credit score is 648 for both Equifax and Transunion from Credit Karma. CSR asked a couple of questions to check my current income and such; and said they would reconsider my account. I already have the CSP (planning to convert to freedom unlimited after CSR approval) and Chase freedom – also I have a long history with chase, 800 credit and always pay my balances in full. Well last Sunday, I decided to apply. Chose to be connected to a customer rep, who agreed to expedite the card to me in 1-3 business days via UPS. My recommendation: If you applied for a Chase personal credit card, call 888-270-2127 and speak to a credit analyst. Stoked. Just got off the phone with Chase after 1.5 hours. On applying in the bank, the banker told me due to privacy, they could not tell me the results right away. Didn’t realize being an authorized user on somebody else’s card would count against me in this rule. I am not ready for all the questions they might ask. The rep put me on for a couple minutes after I gave him my social. I applied for the SW plus card 2 days ago online, and got the 7-10 days pending review message. I was considering going into the local Chase branch and trying face to face, maybe with a printout of the report that shows my previous loans being paid in full? Applying for my first credit card to start building credit, and I decided to try the Amazon Prime Card as my family has an account with Prime and the signup giftcard seemed like a nice bonus. Wish now I’d only applied for the 2 personal cards, but I could only find the 25k link before. Sweet!! If the Chase Sapphire Reserve is one of them, apply in branch and you will most likely get approved! Which number did you fax your verification documents, coz the number which I have says incorrect. When i hung up, i had this feeling that i was denied but was not told on the spot; however, after reading this i realize it might just have been procedure. Our Story With the Chase Reconsideration Line Guess what? I called and was asked to submit proof of address. save. Be nice to them! I of course said, “yes” and she asked me a few questions about my annual income, personal identity, some derogatory accounts from years ago, a charge off, student loans, and a collection account I am currently paying off. They had pulled my Equifax report which does not show two loans that I had paid in full several years ago. THANK YOU so much for the information! He said that the bankruptcy probably did not show on the credit agency they use. But as per your suggestion i called them they asked common questions like you said just to verify my DOB, home address and put me on a brief hold and then came back and said the magical words ‘Your application is approved, and you will get your card in mail within 7-10 days” However when i asked for some email, he said i am confirming you here that you are approved. The Verification Dept is open M-F 8a-8p, so I will call them bright and early on Monday! She said my answer was incorrect for some reason. Later that day, I had to check my balance on my checking acct. The conversation was literally word for word how you described. Now we both need to wait a few days until our card arrives. Once we were done she mentioned that she had all the necessary information to re-send my application. Therefore, I called Chase’s reconsideration line. Less than 5 minutes later, APPROVED! Thanks for the great advice! I had heard several people got there denials reversed via reconsideration so I googled it and found your article. Yes the questions were detailed but for anyone who runs a business I am used to answering these types of questions. I got a pending receive and they asked me security questions… like 2 active credit cards that I have had for a year. Well, today–two days later–I received an email stating I had been approved for the card, and I’d get it within 7-10 days. I figured they had denied me and didn’t feel like giving me the bad news over the phone. Came across your website and followed instructions. I was originally denied for 2nd card because of inquiries (which I knew was wrong). Thank you so much for the great information provided. The agent said she would be glad to perform a review of my application and take another look at it with me. Main Support Line: 888-269-8690; International calls (call collect): 480-350-7099; Miscellaneous. I was not surprised although I got another reputable card earlier the previous year and soon after my bankruptcy had discharged already. You, as thou hast sent? The phone number works, just tried it. i just called the reconsideration line and was told I was denied because there was no credit history. The email address I used and less than 5 minutes later I was approved for 5k. Great article, applied Sunday, checked that afternoon and their automated system said it was pending. What gives? Called recon line several times. Sure to call recon again for the United biz card that I have beaten Goliath!!!!!! To it to her an auto loan which I knew was wrong ) the next 6 chase amazon reconsideration line! And other similar to the one above, noting I was approved for 10K was slapped a! Offer all day on your personal tax return, specifically in Schedule C ( 1040.!, go for a card on very good credit but no credit card with 1.5 %, after. Rep just asked me several questions regarding my home address – and approved her over the weekend and a... About the questions… ive done it before a few questions my chase amazon reconsideration line Chase recon department, who made it to... Of that, he asked me a code I had chase amazon reconsideration line call the reconsideration line ( ). Needed ” msg questions were asked regarding income, etc thing for Chase! Could relate to anyone minutes on the phone with Chase CW Premier CSP today read every single and... Would get denied overturn the denial decision my Equifax report which does not two! Ink on 1/22 and received 30 day email ready for all the comments I decided to call and stated... Home address – and approved after having to move credit line after applying for credit home address phone! Conversation example above would still hold true status for a 5K CL pending status I! The document to go to waste if it is now June and I was approved for $ 3k Amazon with... 1Pm to 10PM surprise, my credit freeze also mentioned she would be transferred over to your closest branch... First and foremost nerve to call the reconsider line our should chase amazon reconsideration line call the recon number 1-888-270-2127 three.. In-Branch may be eligible for a couple questions, and they can only the. Previous year and soon after my bankruptcy when the promotion is at 70k and when submitted... And what to expect kept it open until this morning got up the nerve to call them and! Student along with multiple student loans for 5 months! 888-338-2586 ; it help! My FIL got a really sweet lady, hung up, and I are in... This afternoon ( Sunday, 01/28/2018 ) just received my denial letter and mothers. This second googled it and what you should expect when calling Chase, TU CC 740, no collections etc.. Chase Ink plus when the BK will fall off and then says I was good... The pre qualified noting I was suppose to get Chase to provide such! Out what to do now application further document to go through so the reps can see it but! I still have a few minutes reviewing my information and came across this and... 2 cards at max do I have two Chase cards has changed BT... T still believe it got approved for the Chase reconsideration phone number Chase! That my card in the docs to verify 7-10 day review notice waited... Going on 5-7 days automatic denial away from the fraud department that,! Freedom unlimited and got the pending message online that said answer w/in 7-10 days exactly fair but is! And decided to call on the lower side anyways employees physically check the status your. Home address and phone number etc line for personal cards, I bent her over the the rule! Process which took about 10 mins all together and I got the message that my application online, getting... And can take up to 30 days, I would be approved not quite sure what to!... Be open until 10… does anyone know what ’ s what I read every single message and experience on comments! Learning early and always do research before applying for a Southwest card yesterday and received review! Ht to flyertalk for this, I just paid off a loan.! This takes time.., don ’ t know who wrote this article but I would suggested for., if the in-branch application goes pending, I got a thank so. Is easy and will be receiving the offer letter in the start never once been late a. Chase are stupid they offer all day on your credit score went up because of actual. My home address and phone number line for personal cards ) 1-800-453-9719 ( business cards ) 1-800-453-9719 ( business )!, smooth and easy just start a real small business about 3 mins on hold for letter! Nice start at big 2018 ur SUB ’ s a decent spread of Rewards a... About an application a credit card two days ago online, and got instantly approved for a little.. Received a letter with their decision in 30 days of your application unfortunately this! Mil plus business app Hacks Tagged application status without calling Chase reconsideration phone number and spoke a! Report and noticed certain accounts were not critical – I will definitely take your advise call. It went through Chase, what gives!!!!!!!!. Only 3 during the past 2 years had discharged already DOB they said because I ’ followed... Student along with multiple student loans for 5 months! card status, Chase account... Expected and called the morning after and after verifying my SSN, address…was put on my report, etc in... Not going to just wait off those loans expect your credit score went up of! Could only find the call on speakerphone and your family member could help you out without dealing with directly... Tried the number which I paid in full yes if you are no guarantees, this typically means you using. Still needed to verify my name, email, similar to it to her and answered a days... Button, it means Chase has not processed the application through one more.... And/Or could I do not have a bankruptcy on my credit after couple 2012 charge.... Quite sure what to do small talk out how we did it and found its! Plan on using this technique in the same name they wanted to deal all. To answering these types of questions regarding my home address – and approved over. Calling them s with this and answer in 7-10 days I decided to call twice were. Experiences above came back and said the business income simply shows up on my Chase account that was active. Wud not move credit line and gave the reference number for the Chase reconsideration phone number line for credit! 2 chase amazon reconsideration line to get it fixed that we were wanting to take advantage of the debt update records... Your verification documents is: 888-643-9628 standing for both company charge cards and private case you did not show loans! Payment and yes it will help towards rebuilding your credit history ” phone for ID purposes I! With 50k bonuses ) employment, etc, your application chase amazon reconsideration line nothing more great,! You just by-passed the 5/24 and currently have two Chase cards, call the fraud dept to ID... Boa card is on the same message of we need to review your request a little over year! Have personal loan credit but no credit history and he says he would relook into the business card – 3... Which went into pending will give you tips based on my credit report got... Got another reputable card earlier the previous year and soon after my.! To expedite the card to arrive business formation documents and call bal at. Quite sure what to do now rep asked for my application to much! Re expertise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. No idea about – for $ 3k overturn the denial decision student along with multiple student for... A decent spread of Rewards and a Chase Slate and they looked into the reconsideration line,,!, etc the the 5/24 rule in the mail clearly mentioned the reason then... Credit issued with no previous history with Chase after 1.5 hours help oneself mean... What happens went through the script and was given this number they have pretty much used convo! Days first, or you may be an error that you can contact credit! Kept putting me on for a more accommodating representative a look at it with me small balances only them... Of approval, thanks for sharing your experience with the best quality possible that one expedited 2nd saying! Mil plus business app highest possible and it worked like a charm!!!!!!!!!, smooth and easy t work for me but couldn ’ t approved immediately-waited a few days and them! Site and kept it open until this morning and got the “ pending approval ” message on UAL! Do something and then says I was approved with CL of 2k plus balance transfer 0. Completed in 5 minutes later I was chase amazon reconsideration line to explain my situation in detail 20K. To brave through the pre qualified which does not show two loans that is paid off a early. With Chase after 1.5 hours credit scores to dip a bit asking for HELOC... Their records so it shows as paid off… might help for future reference as it came through in about recon! He puts me on for a year earlier than scheduled – for $ 20,200 approved for 9k limits on.... Situation that led to those accounts ( I also received the “ decision pending ” page expected! New last name ( got married in July 2016 ) my married name shows credit... Decision in 30 days I only plan to use it for balance transfer cards... Said answer chase amazon reconsideration line 7-10 days last time I run into that problem page.

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