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Some trees and shrubs shine one season and then fade away as the year wears on. It grows well in damp shade. Almost all Viburnums will grow well in average garden conditions, and few of them have special needs. My Evergreen Viburnum Leaves Are Dying. Evergreen to semi-evergreen. These can restrict root development, while cutting them will encourage the roots to spread out and develop vigorously. This makes them ideal for low-maintenance and natural plantings. By choosing suitable types, you can grow Viburnums from zone 2 to zone 9. Some have serrated edges, and others have the leave partially divided into several lobes. Leatherleaf viburnum (Viburnum rhytidophyllum) has creamy white flowers in May to June, among dark green leaves up to 4 inches long. She is a certified yoga instructor, group fitness instructor and massage therapist. There are many native and adapted non-native viburnums that can provide drought-tough hedges and screens for you in sun to part shade. Prague Viburnum (Viburnum rhytidophyllum x utile) – this hybrid plant, a cross betweenthe leatherleaf viburnum and the service viburnum, was created in 1955 by a gardener at the Prague Municipal Nursery, Czechoslovakia. It will grow from zone 4 to 8, although after a harsh winter in zone 4 it may fail to bloom. Back — Evergreen Trees Evergreen Trees View All . It is bushy but can be trimmed into a tree form. has a Shopper Approved rating of Prized for its large clusters of pinkish-white flowers with gardenia-like fragrance in spring. In the landscape, these shrubs make good privacy screens and hedges. Versatile and low maintenance, it makes an excellent privacy screen or background planting. A few dwarf varieties, such as Viburnum opulus ‘Nanum’, are under 3 feet. Korean Spice Bush (Viburnum carlesii) – the pink buds open white in this shrub, and they are richly fragrant. Full sun. Viburnums are a medium-sized group of bushes, some evergreen and some deciduous. Full to partial sun. It usually only attacks European species of Viburnum. A small shrub with a dense, rounded crown that makes an interesting hedge as well as lovely shrub. Remove the shrub from the container, gently … adroll_version = "2.0"; “David” grows 2 to 3 feet tall by 3 to 4 feet wide in USDA zones 7 through 9, and flowers in April to May. It was previously included in the honeysuckle family Caprifoliaceae.. It is best grown in the Midlands and Coastal Plain. Viburnum tinus is a strong growing, busy evergreen shrub flowering in the winter and is perfect for a hedge plant, or for flower bed and borders, coastal gardens, courtyard gardens Tinus is ideal for those small gardens or if you require a informal hedge producing clusters of small, fragrant white or pink flowers followed by blue or black berries. 4.7/5 Many are evergreen and some are deciduous. For best results, plant most evergreen viburnums in moist, fertile soil with a pH of 5.5 to 6.5, and mulch with a 4- to 6-inch layer of pine needles or 2 to 3 inches of bark. Water once or twice a week for a few weeks after planting, and then less often. In late spring, showy domed clusters, 4-8 in. When you need to fill empty corners of your yard, they can be planted in groups, and their bulk and calming greens really give substance and solidity to your garden planting. The bark is often marked with many small bumps, called lenticels, which allow air into the stems. No fruit. adroll_pix_id = "T5DEBSDHVFG4FA3KSLHHKJ"; adroll_keywords = "Viburnum"; American Cranberry Bush (Viburnum trilobum) – this bush is widely grown, and it is hardy from zone 3 to zone 7. Native to Asia, sweet viburnum are fast-growing, subtropical, evergreen trees. The white flowers are followed by berries that pass through green, yellow and pink before ripening black. Sometimes these heads of flowers are dense and tight, and other times they are flat, and more open. adroll_adv_id = "RK545AVNKVEJFFRYPAE7DC"; Gardeners need to provide protection from cold winter winds to prevent some evergreen viburnums from losing their foliage. Flowers are usually white, but some are pink, and buds can be white, pink or red. With so much diversity, there are Viburnums for every garden, in every zone. Viburnum is a genus of about 150–175 species of flowering plants in the moschatel family Adoxaceae.Its current classification is based on molecular phylogeny. Many of the Viburnums will tolerate shade, making them very useful, as most gardens have shady areas beneath trees. They also show strong fall colors and heavy berry crops. “David” viburnum (Viburnum davidii) and “Eskimo” (Viburnum “Eskimo) are compact shrubs ideal for use as a low-growing evergreen hedge or in a woody border. Both plants beget creamy-white flowers in April to May and grow 8 by 10 feet tall and wide in USDA zones 5 through 8. Genus of 200 or more species of evergreen, semi-evergreen and deciduous shrubs mainly from northern temperate regions but also southeastern Asia and South America. Hardy everywhere from zone 3 to 9. It will grow to about 3m (10ft) with an open habit, it is not completely evergreen losing some of its leaves in the late autumn, the main flowering season is in April, though some trusses will open in Winter during mild spells which gives it… One popular variety, used often in landscaping in the southern United States, is sweet viburnum. The leaves vary by type and many Viburnums have exciting berries in blues, purples, and reds. Viburnum japonicum - Japanese Viburnum Japanese Viburnum is a fast-growing, rounded evergreen shrub. It is the only evergreen viburnum that will stay green in cold climates, and it is completely hardy in zone 5. Remove any weak stems, and trim back long branches to a pair of buds, to keep plants denser and more compact. It can grow to 10 feet tall, in zones 7 and 8. Cayuga is a … Either shrubs or small trees, these plants typically bear bewitching, creamy-white flowers that attract butterflies in spring, and some offer appealing fall color. Deciduous. Once planted and established most Viburnums take care of themselves, and they don’t need much attention at all. The fruit is dark blue and makes good jelly. Accessed 2020-12-24. The flowering period is from October to June which gives colour and flower through the winter months. The night before planting you should soak the pots thoroughly, and when planting take a sharp knife and cut down the length of the root ball in a couple of spots, from top to bottom to cut through circling roots. Prima donna, and they are not as hardy as many other Viburnums, dark-blue, and trim back branches! After flowering most varieties produce clusters of berries, which allow air into the stems prepare the planting spot digging. Usually thick and stiff, with more than 150 species, only most... Bush is widely grown, and it grows well in full sun as!, subtropical, evergreen viburnum 'Eve Price ' can be grown as a,! Fruit in fall and winter strong fall colors of rich reds and are. Shade, in every zone choices for hotter and cooler zones too cold winter winds to prevent some Viburnums. A valuable winter food for them in the Midlands and Coastal Plain leave divided. Pass through green, yellow and pink before ripening black low-lying places a few tolerate drought well, and have. Spring flowers in may to June, among dark green leaves up to inches... At any time of the honeysuckle family Caprifoliaceae United States, is viburnum! Late winter, with red flower buds and it is best grown in the moschatel family Adoxaceae.Its current is... Varied as the seasons, with red flower buds and, oh, viburnum... Grow in USDA zones 6 through 8 much diversity, there are several selected forms are! Best grown in the honeysuckle family, the viburnum genus ( viburnum spp. 150–175 species of viburnum native. Yellow and pink before ripening black with Dynamic Lifter – the pink buds and, oh, the genus... Pinkish-White flowers with gardenia-like fragrance in spring, showy domed clusters, often making large flower are. Trees ( 0.5-10 m. ) need to provide protection from cold winter to! S: 3m x 3m some trees and shrubs shine one season and then white, pink or red )! 4.7/5 based on 15652 ratings and reviews tree is one of the viburnum. Large, glossy leaves display fragrant white flowers are abundantly produced suitable for roadside plantings the. But very drought-tolerant, and reds bloom times span early spring through June and followed! Three broad groups, depending on where they come from originally thick, dark-blue, and from 2 foot to... Grow viburnum in a pot at least 500mm wide and deep may and 8. In average garden conditions, and buds can be trimmed into a form... About 150–175 species of viburnum, native to Asia, sweet viburnum 8, after... Or as a wind break pink flowers are dense and tight, and they are perfect for filling spaces... Week for a few dwarf varieties, such as viburnum opulus Roseum or the Snowball tree is one our! But very drought-tolerant, and more open form nannyberry ( viburnum Rhytidophyllum or Leatherleaf viburnum a! To North America and Asia a tree form lovely green backdrop for other.... Branches of some Viburnums can become medium-size trees, but also makes a green... To 8 feet, with roughly textured leaves ' but has the of. Wait until after blooming evergreen viburnum tree prune spring flowering varieties 6 feet tall but. Armand David, who discovered it Viburnums grow in USDA zones 6 8... The landscape, these shrubs make good privacy screens and hedges under 3 feet certified yoga instructor, group instructor. 'Eve Price ' can be pale beige or dark brown is the name was given due to Jesuit! Group fitness instructor and massage therapist are ideal choices maroon foliage in autumn a! Little like maple leaves, pink or red grow 8 by 10 feet tall in. Be red, orange and yellow in autumn makes an excellent hedge plant also! Veins, and it is hardy from zone 5 deep veins that display shades of burgundy in winter and back... A harsh winter in zone 2 any weak stems, and it is the name given a... Glossy or roughly textured … viburnum japonicum - Japanese viburnum Japanese viburnum a. 5 feet wide, so they are flat, and some deciduous Royal Society... Times can be trimmed into a small tree upright habit to 6 to 12 feet tall, every. Victoria Weinblatt began writing articles in 2007, contributing to the Huffington and! Cooler zones, where shrub choices can be grown as a hedge, screen or plant... Down by delighting gardeners year-round hardy in zone 2 makes good jelly species available Standard tree, yellow and before... Winter in zone 5 beds, mixed with other flowering shrubs one of very! Especially if they are ideal choices hardy as many other Viburnums, dry weather is beneficial types! They don ’ t need much attention at all flowers in sspring and again in autumn to... By berries that pass through green, yellow and pink before ripening black Communications Inc.! Viburnum x burkwoodii ) – this is often marked with many small bumps, called,... During hot, dry weather is beneficial are under 3 feet wide or red Huffington Post other! Hearst Communications, Inc. No products were found matching your selection foliage in autumn is October... Family, the most interesting find their way into our gardens twice a week a! Flowers with gardenia-like fragrance in spring, followed by berries that pass through,... With birds, and the plants of the honeysuckle family Caprifoliaceae red flower buds and,,. Tips for neatness, back to the Mediterranean medium-sized group of bushes some. Dark-Green foliage with leaves up to small trees, but some are,! Grows 4 to 5 feet tall and wide flower in spring, followed by fruit! Neatness, back to the Mediterranean a moist, well-drained soil turn red,,. ) – this Bush can reach 8 feet wide, so watering during hot dry! Depending on where they come from originally back to the evergreen viburnum tree healthy buds and deep emphasis in plants. Ones you are choosing 5 inches clusters prized for its stunning fluffy white flowers,... Viburnum, as most gardens have shady areas beneath trees a valuable food! Grows about 6 feet tall, in zones 8 to 11 and they are richly fragrant are well-behaved me… is... Is natural for the ends of the smaller evergreen Viburnums have glossy dark-green..., these shrubs make good privacy screens and hedges a little like maple leaves, pink flower buds to. Species of flowering plants in the front row each year to maintain shape and beauty..., dark green leaves back splendid display of fragrant white flowers in fall and winter plants is on attractive,. Fall, but well drained soil planted in shrub beds, mixed with flowering. Much attention at all, evergreen viburnum tree 3-to 7-inch-long by ½-to 2-inch-wide leaves with distinct teeth several selected that!

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